03rd Nov 2013

VOIPo & SPA122

For the past few years we’ve been using VOIPo for home phone service.  Honestly, it was a big step down from Packet8, but Packet8 wasn’t doing residential service anymore, and had gotten rather expensive.  When we signed up with VOIPo they included a crappy, unreliable GrandStream VOIP box.  After suffering with this for 18 months or more, I finally got around to installing a Cisco SPA122.  The unit, while old, is pretty cool.  In particular, it will implement a QoS mechanism to keep other stuff from stomping on your phone calls, and it supports dial plans.  For the first time in years I can do seven digit dialing.

I upgraded to firmware 1.3.2, configuring it between my router and my Wisp, Ptera.  This allows the SPA122 to act as a router and do its QoS magic.  I made my first call from my cell to the VOIP line.  Jen picked up, and the unit immediately hung up.  WTF!?  I had her call me.  Worked great.  I looked over the basically non-existent information provided by VOIPo.  Nothing stood out expect the line, “Please be aware that VOIPo is not able to offer any assistance with the configuration or troubleshooting of a third party device.”  Gee, thanks guys.  So much for “Amazing Customer Service.”  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they can’t support every random device folks connect, but just a wee bit more information on provisioning would have been helpful.

A little more Googling and thinking, and staring at the SPA122 web configuration page, and I decided to simply turn off “provisioning” entirely.  I saved the configuration, and tried my calls.  This time stuff appears to be working like a champ.  I guess I’ll find out over the next week or two, but the audio quality appears to be much better.  Assuming my fix actually works, this may be just the upgrade I was looking for.

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