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25th Oct 2007

Family Culture

I don’t think that unschooling means ditching your family culture.

Some families find their adventure enhanced by staying up all night,
watching a lot of television, playing every new computer game, and
revolving meal times that run the full gamut of colourful convenience
foods, carbonated beverages, and corn syrups.

Some family cultures place greater emphasis on consistent family
connections (sitting down to dinner together, for example), work done
together, more time spent in the “adult world,” and dietary
restrictions (because of religion, health, or even simply budgetary or
sustainability reasons).

Our family culture, for example, includes very little television, but
a whole lot of interaction with the woods, with animals, and with
heavy machinery (at last count: a mule, a road grader, a D-6, a
43-horse tractor, a CNC router, and a sawmill). Alaetheia, 11,
attended strawbale school with us, has nearly finished her house
plans, and plans to break ground on her house come spring.

I’d encourage you to integrate unschooling into your family culture,
not try to integrate your family’s culture into someone else’s picture
of unschooling.


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19th Oct 2007

Sir, I exist!

Apparently, my internet connection is channeling the Universe via Stephen Crane today.


A man said to the universe: “Sir, I exist!”

“However,” replied the universe,

“The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation”

Stephen Crane

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16th Oct 2007

Moving servers is moving off of our trusty Pentium M server and to an external hosting provider. As much as I love having my own local server, the ongoing energy consumption is a problem. The downside of this: fewer pictures. The upside: more likely to be on and available if you pop by to say hi.

Note:  as part of the this transition all of the old pictures are broken.  If you come across an old post that seems to imply a picture and has a lovely 4 digit number where one ought to be, engage your imagination and assume that something context appropriate used to be there.

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