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19th Jun 2007

Super Cool Skein

I got a skein in the mail yesterday from Habu Textiles.

I do believe it’s from my No Sheep Skein Swap Secret Pal.


It’s beeautiful.

It’s the 98 Blue Kasuri

I played around with it this morning on four-aughts (size 0000 needles).

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18th Jun 2007

The Adventures of Blossom the Goat

Got my goat back!

Here’s Blossom’s adventures, as far as I can piece them back together:

Thursday, June 7th, Blossom arrives from friends in Idaho.
Saturday, June 9th, Blossom takes off for the hills some time in the
Sunday, June 10th, my dad thinks he spots her across the lake.
Michael, Alaetheia, and I hike in to find a white boat (not a white
goat) bobbing (not grazing) in the water (not on the shore). Feeling
pretty stupid and tired and sweaty from the mile+ hike, I go ahead and
call to the folks in the boat, “Excuse me! Have you seen a little
white goat?” to which they say, “No” in a tone that indicates they think I’m as weird as I feel.

But I don’t care, because I already feel dumb, and now I’m
doubly goat-depressed.
We put up signs at the post boxes and the post office.
We go into a goat funk.
We go into goat mourning.
We come back out of the funk.
Friday, June 15th we get a call from some folks who had the goat back
on Sat. and Sun., but she ran off again. Now we at least have an idea
of which way she went (because “head for the hills” pretty much is
omni-directional from our place).

My dad saw a bob cat.
This was before we got the goat.
The coyotes are raising their pups.
We’re not hopeful.

Saturday, June 16th, we put up more signs–eight–on our way to town.
We start getting calls:
First, a gal who thinks she saw our goat on Craigslist.
Then some folks who had her briefly, but she was making their dogs (a
Neufie and a St. Bernard) cower, so they took her to friends.
Then a guy who says, “I think my friends have your goat.
Incidentally, I’m one of the folks who was on the boat you were
hollering at on Sunday . . .”

Exactly one week after we lost her, we are reunited with Blossom,
who’s only a little worse for the wear. Actually, she’s not worse for
the wear at all. She’s pretty spiffy.


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07th Jun 2007

No Sheep Skein Swap Pal

Hooray!  My pal has persisted and made contact!  Hooray!

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05th Jun 2007

No Sheep For You Skein Swap

Oooh La La!

I have picked out both of my downstream partner’s skeins . . . picked from a small shop in Sonoma, CA, just off the Plaza, where I stayed for sil’s wedding two weeks ago. The wedding was beautiful, but the yarns are exquisite! Going to have to stop coveting them myself long enough to send them off.


I haven’t heard from my upstream pal.


Her email might have been caught in my spam killer. Hey, upstream Pal! Please try again! The AskQue sends a weird little letter to ask if you’re friend or foe, but it will recognize you if you reply to the query letter, and will forever after recognize you as friend.


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