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27th Dec 2006

The Advent Calendars

As I mentioned before, this seemed like a really good idea.


A veritable sock army . . . no, wait . . . I mean to say, originally, I meant to make one calendar for my sil:


Which led to one for my mil:


and one for my mom:


And then the socks went marching out of control:


(This pic shows a bunch of the ones that are on my calendar, the white-with-coloured-tops socks).

And soon the whole project spiraled out of control:


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23rd Dec 2006

The Google Doodle Kangaroos

The Google Doodle Kangaroos . . . have stolen the swag,
and balled it,
and are now knitting. –Jen

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16th Dec 2006

The Knitting Mines

It seemed like a good idea when I started . . . but doesn’t it always?

I’ve seen scads of quilted/sewed Advent calendars, and got to thinking about a knitted one, when my latest knitting rut (socks) and Michael’s love (woodworking) suddenly struck me as a great combination: have him make the “hanger” bit, and I’d make the socks for each day, and voila! the world’s cutest Advent Calendar. Originally, I was only going to make one for my sil. Then I realized that my mil would love one, and my mom would want one, and Michael and Alaetheia would want one, and suddenly I was knitting 24 socks times at least 4 calendars.

It wasn’t until I’d knitted the 150+th little sock that I realized I could make a calendar with the number of socks equal to the number of people in the family, just one board, and have it used over daily, and everyone could get a little treat (especially nice for a family like my family of origin, where there were 4 of us squabbling over the chocolates).


Pictures to follow when I get them uploaded.

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