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29th Jul 2006

Welcome to FU? Hell, Welcome to The [Real World]: An Ode to Jason the Great

Welcome to FU? Hell, Welcome to The [Real World]: An Ode to Jason the Great

I’m sure if you put a hundred kids in the middle of a minefield,
a few of them will manage to make it out in mostly one piece.
The rest will either be scarred for life
or unwilling to take any action
that might put them in harms way —
what a great way to produce mindless little consumers
that never question their superiors.

When they grow up and find a minefield in the real world,
they’ll be free to walk around it — o
r to take the risk of walking through it
if they choose to find out what’s on the other side.
Children aren’t given the choice,
nor do they have the experience to guide them through it.
What better way to breed a society that blindly follows orders f
rom those in power if they want to survive?

The literacy rate in colonial America was the same as it is now
— and they didn’t have compulsory schooling.
They had a society which depended on reading and math (trade),
and simply living in that society
was motivation enough for anyone to learn it.

We were the jewel of the world.
Now we’re the joke.
Rich and powerful, but a joke nonetheless.

This learning is discovered by people from every walk of life,
and passed down to anyone who is receptive of it –
be it parent to child,
master to apprentice,
in a book,
or a website.
has little to do with learning,
and everything to do
with making “good little obedient citizen consumers”.

A place where experts
can provide knowledge in their field
to anyone who asks,
and collections of resources are available,
is a great idea.
We THINK that is what school is,
but it’s like mixing poison
into the pudding –
it may not kill you right away,
but once you know it’s there,
why do you keep eating it,
when you know there is poison-free pudding available all around you?

Is he really any worse than I was when I first showed up? This guy
is at least already thinking of alternative education and non-
compulsory schools – I came in as a religious nut, trying to get
people to help me make a lifelong curriculum!

Yoda: You must unlearn what you have learned.
Now I have an image of Yoda talking to a ghost of John Holt…

Unschooling is the world outside school,
and it existed without a name for millions of years
before we created compulsory government schooling.
Unschooling allowed us to discover
and technology.
Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t go to aeronautics school
– he studied the structure of birds wings.
The Wright Brothers didn’t go to airplane school
— they made bicycles
and understood vehicular structure and stabilization
– and they knew about all the past research on aerodynamics.
It all builds on one another.

You really think an hour a day, marked with bells,
for a semester in a public school with a teacher
who may or may not even do
outside the class they teach
… is better?

If you were in a job you hated every day,
would you rush right home and do more work?
Or would you try to find
you could to escape
and wind down
from the world you wish you could escape from?

Many people live through war
and go on to live great lives.
People come out of poverty and succeed.
Abuse victims can mange to overcome their pasts
and find strength in new relationships.
Does that make war,
and abuse good things,
just because people “made it through”?

Human beings are resilient.
We’re adaptive.
We find ways to survive
through a lot of crap the world throws at us.
But once you recognize
it’s crap,
would you really keep choosing to partake in it,
even if there’s a chance to “survive” it?

Why, when presented with a moldy loaf of bread on one table
and a feast on another table,
would you choose the loaf?
Simply because the world at large is saying
“I ate the loaf and I turned out fine
– you can pick off the moldy parts.”
Unfortunately, most look right at the feast
and are still looking for their familiar loaf,
somewhere in the middle of all that.

If “taking control of your own life and learning”
is impossible and idealistic,
we should do the universe a favor
and wipe ourselves out

Welcome to FU?
Hell, welcome to the [real world].

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25th Jul 2006

Fredna’s Party

No pics on these . . . apparently I got too carried away cooking to get around to photographing.

Jimmy brought hamburgers and hotdogs to grill.

We also grilled corn in the husk (about 40 minutes to an hour, turning every 10 minutes or so), potato salad (russet potatoes with their skins, Walla-Walla onion, eggs, mayo, mustard, celery, sweet relish), cold pasta salad (whole wheat spirals, feta, broccoli, green onions, oregeno, dill), spoon salad, Everyday Israeli Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, green onions, parsley, salt, pepper), hummus and pita bread, 7 layer dip and tostitos, and desserts of 7 layer bars, Queen of Sheba Torte, and Baccanalia’s Gateau Victoire with freshly whipped cream.

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22nd Jul 2006

Fashion Designer Releases Summer Line


Alaetheia (casualty: “safety” pin in the thumb) brought these fashion dolls for their photo session.

Specifics to follow.





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21st Jul 2006

Why I Don’t Like Domes in Practice (though they’re great in theory)

Spend some time in a dome before you build one (even if building one
is dependent on winning the lottery and you don’t play).
I love the idea of domes.
I LOATHED being in one. We rented this one: one year.

The problem was that we had all this glorious space (dome benefit),
and no acoustic privacy. The conversations going on in the loft may
as well have been in the kitchen, living room, dining room, or any
part of the main dome.

This was, at least in part, due to all the lovely (and it was pretty
to look at) wood, but the sum effect was like being in a xylophone.

Here we are in the Beach Dome:

I think that year we had the three guys, my brother, all four of our
folks, Great Uncle Rich, and the Chinese girl with us.

The place we’re in now (that my parents just built) has the same
problem: one public area. I can’t hear myself think some days when
I’m composing a post.

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21st Jul 2006


I’m a theist. Specifically, I’m a Christian.

If tomorrow there were, presented to me on a silver platter, incontrovertible proof that God doesn’t exist–that the earth is here because some Martians broke down and created our entire planet so that one day Ezra Warner would invent the can opener (the part they need to repair their space craft and go home)–and that our entire planet and history was created my Martians for that and that purpose only . . . it wouldn’t change the fact that I’m a better person for what I
believe. Jesus doesn’t have to exist for the mythos and ethos to have had positive impact in my life, anymore than that DD kid who is poised to lose the ball game for his team when the teams act in concert to allow him a homerun has to exist to warm my heart.

Fact is not the *point* of belief, of myth, or even of the stories we
tell each other.

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21st Jul 2006

Spazzing Over The Little Things

I am firmly convinced that hell is an endless series of petty annoyances.

My friend Teresa is firmly convinced that I’m pretty
mellow and even-minded in a pinch (fairly true).

But nothing gets under my skin more than those petty annoyances
(especially piled on one another).

But my friends Teresa and Szarka are the best people to have
around in, say, a bureaucratic line, because they say those things
that–well, at least *I’m* thinking, but my own uptightness won’t
allow me to say . . . which I have to say I just adore. I haven’t yet
had the opportunity to stand in a line with both of them . . . but
I’ve decided that it would be catastrophically funny and enjoyable.

Szarka hasn’t been informed of this plan–though I cooked it up last
night in front of Teresa . . .

Anyone else want to stand in a line with me, making the comments I’m
only thinking?

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21st Jul 2006

Packaging and Manners

So I had this random thought today, as I was peeling open a little tub of jam:

Packaging is a direct result of manners slipping away.

Little jelly packets, because people would stick a crumby knife in, instead of a spoon.

Seat covers because people don’t bother to hit (and miss the seat) and/or don’t clean up after themselves.*

That hideous thick plastic that’s melted together and you’re liable to cut yourself on trying to remove, because people who want to touch the merchandise won’t be careful with flimsier packaging/want to steal the item.


*Corollary: have you ever noticed that the restrooms that have stocked seat covers are the ones you’re least likely to need one?

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20th Jul 2006

Thursday Dinner, July 20th


Potato salad, spoon salad, grilled chicken, and corn.

We didn’t really have this Thursday night. I think we had them Sunday with our friends . . . but now I have no idea what we ate for dinner on Thursday. I take that back. On Thursday, we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring one of the friends who came to lunch Sunday, and we stopped at Bennie’s, a small hamburger stand in Spokane (or maybe in the Valley, I’m not sure where the delineation is along that road), and Al had a burger and fries, and I had a fish sandwich (ahh–fish–square and breaded) and we splurged on shakes, then went to the show.

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19th Jul 2006

Wednesday Dinner, July 19

Made a new batch of spoon salad.

We get a box each week from Fresh Abundance. This week’s box had:

Contents for the week of 7-16-06
1 1/2 Pound LOCAL Organic Bing Cherries
1/2 Pound LOCAL Safe Spring Greens
1/4 Pound LOCAL Fresh Spinach Leaves
1 Bunch Organic Broccoli
2 Pound Organic Bananas
1 Bunch Organic Carrots
2 Head LOCAL Organic Lettuce
2 1/2 Pint Containers LOCAL Organic Raspberries
1 Bunch Chives
1 1/2 Pound LOCAL Safe Summer Squash
1 Pound LOCAL Safe Mediterranean Cucumbers
2 Each LOCAL Organic Nectarine
2 Each LOCAL Organic Early Glo Peaches
1/2 Pound LOCAL Organic Apricots
2 Each LOCAL Organic Aprium (cross between apricot & plum)
1 LOCAL Organic Cabbage
So, into the spoon salad container went:

All the greens, a zucchini from last week, the cucumbers, and some of the chives. I liven it up (and keep the spoilage down) by adding fruit to each bowlful.

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19th Jul 2006

Tuesday Dinner, July 18

More spoon salad, this time with rasberries, blackberries, coconut, and peaches with fig vinegar.

Actually, that was lunch.

For dinner, I had two bananas, two peaches, and a glass of Cabernet.

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