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25th Jul 2006

Fredna’s Party

No pics on these . . . apparently I got too carried away cooking to get around to photographing.

Jimmy brought hamburgers and hotdogs to grill.

We also grilled corn in the husk (about 40 minutes to an hour, turning every 10 minutes or so), potato salad (russet potatoes with their skins, Walla-Walla onion, eggs, mayo, mustard, celery, sweet relish), cold pasta salad (whole wheat spirals, feta, broccoli, green onions, oregeno, dill), spoon salad, Everyday Israeli Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, green onions, parsley, salt, pepper), hummus and pita bread, 7 layer dip and tostitos, and desserts of 7 layer bars, Queen of Sheba Torte, and Baccanalia’s Gateau Victoire with freshly whipped cream.

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20th Jul 2006

Thursday Dinner, July 20th


Potato salad, spoon salad, grilled chicken, and corn.

We didn’t really have this Thursday night. I think we had them Sunday with our friends . . . but now I have no idea what we ate for dinner on Thursday. I take that back. On Thursday, we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring one of the friends who came to lunch Sunday, and we stopped at Bennie’s, a small hamburger stand in Spokane (or maybe in the Valley, I’m not sure where the delineation is along that road), and Al had a burger and fries, and I had a fish sandwich (ahh–fish–square and breaded) and we splurged on shakes, then went to the show.

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19th Jul 2006

Wednesday Dinner, July 19

Made a new batch of spoon salad.

We get a box each week from Fresh Abundance. This week’s box had:

Contents for the week of 7-16-06
1 1/2 Pound LOCAL Organic Bing Cherries
1/2 Pound LOCAL Safe Spring Greens
1/4 Pound LOCAL Fresh Spinach Leaves
1 Bunch Organic Broccoli
2 Pound Organic Bananas
1 Bunch Organic Carrots
2 Head LOCAL Organic Lettuce
2 1/2 Pint Containers LOCAL Organic Raspberries
1 Bunch Chives
1 1/2 Pound LOCAL Safe Summer Squash
1 Pound LOCAL Safe Mediterranean Cucumbers
2 Each LOCAL Organic Nectarine
2 Each LOCAL Organic Early Glo Peaches
1/2 Pound LOCAL Organic Apricots
2 Each LOCAL Organic Aprium (cross between apricot & plum)
1 LOCAL Organic Cabbage
So, into the spoon salad container went:

All the greens, a zucchini from last week, the cucumbers, and some of the chives. I liven it up (and keep the spoilage down) by adding fruit to each bowlful.

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19th Jul 2006

Tuesday Dinner, July 18

More spoon salad, this time with rasberries, blackberries, coconut, and peaches with fig vinegar.

Actually, that was lunch.

For dinner, I had two bananas, two peaches, and a glass of Cabernet.

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19th Jul 2006

Monday Dinner, July 18

Al made mac-n-cheese (from scratch), peanut butter and crackers, watermelon, and fizzy blue sugar water.


I had more spoon salad.


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15th Jul 2006

Saturday, July 15th : What Barn Kittens Love


This is about as whole as we’ve seen their mom drag in. These guys are serious carnivores–and they’re only nominally bigger than what their mom drags in.


I swear we offer them cat food. Plenty of it.

And yet . . . .


What’s not to love about dead rodent?

(And yes–we’re very careful to make sure what we think we’re grabbing is actually a kitty *before* we grab it).

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15th Jul 2006

Friday Dinner, July 14th

Mary Jane suggests eating one’s salad with a spoon.

We decided we were in need of some serious cleansing, so I diced into tiny bits:


1 bunch of kale

1 head of romaine

1 bunch of green onions (green part only)

1 package of spinach

1 package of herb salad mix

2 zucchinis

2 tomatillos

3 peppers (one red, one orange, one yellow)

4 tomatoes

I added avacado to mine last night. Alaetheia and I added watermelon and peaches to ours for lunch this afternoon.

I sprinkled fig vinegar and the tiniest bit of olive oil on them, and we had rosemary bread hunks with them.

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15th Jul 2006

Thursday Dinner, July 13th

Our favourite pizza place in Raleigh, NC, is a local store called Capital Creations and one of our favourite pizzas, their Pesky Chicken Pizza. I approximated a Pesky Chicken Pizza tonight, with a cornmeal crust (how we used to order it). Having been mostly vegetarian for close to a month, it sat rather wrong . . . but it tasted so good on the tongue. Had an arugula-and-romaine salad with.

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12th Jul 2006

Wednesday Dinner, July 12th

Dinner with friends tonight.

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11th Jul 2006

Tuesday Dinner, July 11th

Aloo Gobi, basmati rice, and broccoli.


Wow. The broccoli looks really bad. I don’t know why . . . I’m thinking it’s the lighting, because it looked just fine at dinner.

I learned how to make Aloo Gobi from Gurinder Chadha in the special feature section of Bend It Like Beckham, where I madly watched it a second time, scribbling down her instructions and ingredients while her aunties critiqued her methods.

This evening, since my recipe is in . . . a box . . . somewhere . . . in storage . . . like most everything else I own . . I poked around on the ‘net to find one similar, and found a fellow Chadha fan with an approximation:

Aloo Gobi Recipe
But since I only had baking potatoes, I sliced them, coated them with olive oil, coriander seeds, paprike, and sea salt, and grilled them on the grill for about an hous on a sheet of foil, then added them toward the end.

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